Professional Workshops

CSS offers a range of workshops and can also custom design a workshop to suit your team or organisation. Tailored workshops are designed to meet your specific requirements and can be 1, 2 or more days and your chosen venue. Learning goals are negotiated and outcome measures are provided. Whatever your specific requirements email or phone to discuss.

Here is a selection of the workshops offered:See available Workshops

Effective Supervisor Training for Allied and Specialist Health Workers

The aim of this workshop is to provide a framework for conducting and evaluating effective clinical supervision. There is a focus on teaching health care professionals the necessary skills for setting up a rewarding clinical supervision relationship so that supervisees maximise their clinical learning and practice. The content covered in the workshop includes understanding the primary function of supervision, roles and responsibilities for manager, supervisor and supervisee, professional issues and boundaries, process and structure of supervision, establishing goals and contracts, evaluation, ethical challenges and dealing with difficult supervision issues. Case examples are used throughout training to illustrate the supervision process.  This workshop is tailored to the specific requirements of the organisation and in the past has been run for medical staff, nurses, social workers and other allied health staff.

Working with Families

This workshop provides an introduction to health practitioners interested in understanding more about family dynamics and how to work with dysfunctional family systems. Topics might include the basics of engaging with families, working within a transgenerational framework, understanding the development and maintenance of difficulties for the family and helping each person learn innovative ways of dealing with entrenched problems. Family therapy training focuses on learning new ways of communicating with families that is strengths based but still allowing for understanding the development of the problems within the context of the family’s history and wider systemic relationships. Training can be offered as 1 or 2 day workshops or a longer course is available which allows for practice and refinement of skill development.

Counselling Skills

Counselling skills training provides theoretical and practical skills development in the core skills required to work effectively with clients. These include engagement skills, interviewing skills, exploration and identification of the presenting problem, formulation skills, goal setting and problem solving. Trainees learn how to work within a framework which empowers clients to identify accessible goals for treatment and help them work towards achieving and maintaining improvements in beliefs, cognitions and behaviour. Training can be offered at introductory or more advanced levels and allow for skills development practice and supervision.

Other recent Workshop titles include:

  • The Use of Self: Understanding family of origin as a therapeutic and supervisory consultative resource - Click for Flyer
  • Reflective Practice in Supervision
  • Getting the most from supervision: A workshop for Supervisees - Click for Flyer
  • Ethical issues in Supervision
  • Self-Care of the Professional
  • Professional File and Note Taking
  • Mindfulness based interventions