Autumn 2018: Reviewing Supervision of Supervision - 11th May 2018
This issue is dedicated to reviewing the practice of Supervision of Supervision: a look at how to support supervisors to provide the best supervision possible.
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Summer 2017-2018: Top Tips for Supervision - 15th December 2017
Welcome to the summer edition of the Supervision Quarterly. The topic for this newsletter came at my last Master Class training session. At the end of the day a participant asked ‘If you had to pick your top 5 tips to make supervision work, what would they be’? After a quick reflection I expanded my list to 10 tips. I think that if you follow these gold standard rules, you'll set up solid supervision practices and create an environment for ongoing monitoring and review.
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Spring 2017: Substance Use Disorders and Clinical Supervision - 6th November 2017
Welcome to the spring edition of The Supervision Quarterly. The focus is on supervision for health professionals working in the Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) field. Around one in 20 Australians experiencing a substance use disorder, (2007 National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing (NSMHWB)). Topics in this edition: Clinical supervision in the AOD arena: which model to choose; common barriers to supervision; application of clinical supervision. Also PsyBA 2018 Training Programs
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Winter 2017 : Do No Harm - 1st August 2017
We ran a very successful inaugural Family Therapy Symposium back in May this year with over 70 delegates coming together for a day focused on 'Contemporary practice in family therapy
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The Supervision Quarterly - 2nd March 2016
Clinical Supervision Services is very excited about our program for the year ahead which has already started with some organisational training with two Sydney based universities and another planned with a third University in metropolitan Sydney. It is wonderful to see that the Clinical Psychology Departments are supporting clinicians in the field with sponsored training and ongoing supports.
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