Meet the Team

Christine Senediak

BA (Hons), M Psychol (Clin), M Family Therapy

Christine Senediak, is Principal Director of Clinical Supervision Services and has over 35 years of experience working as a clinical psychologist, educator and supervisor. She has a strong interest in evidence based practice and systems theory and integrates this in her work as therapist, educator and supervisor. In 2014 she was appointed one of the National trainers to provide PsyBA Supervisor training and in 2015 the practice has grown to now provide eight Master Classes in supervision, and has a team of experienced Clinical Psychologists, a Neuropsychologist and an Organisational Psychologist who also offer training in this field.

In addition to her work with AHPRA, Christine also offers supervision, short courses and workshops and consults to agencies on matters relating to mental health and wellbeing across the lifespan.

Dr Roy Laube

BSc, MA (Clin Psychol), Dip Clin Hypnosis, PhD

Dr. Roy Laube currently divides his time between private and public health and academic responsibilities.  He has a strong background in clinical psychology and specialises in adult mental health, research and ethics and cross cultural practice.  As Postgraduate Clinical Psychology Placement Coordinator at UWS, Roy understands the specific requirements of psychology students undertaking the learning pathways for psychology and his 35 years of experience as a clinical psychologist, educator and supervisor, is demonstrated in his teaching.

Dr Diba Pourmand

Dr Diba Pourmand is a clinician with strong interest in trauma care. She has been extensively involved with educating, training, and supervising clinicians in complex trauma and cross-cultural mental health. Her other academic interests revolve around studies of the influence of family life on the course of severe mental illness. This research further developed to investigating expressed emotion of carers and relapse, where she focused on development of multiple family intervention groups in early psychosis in Australia and resource-limited regions, with the goal of improving early intervention and youth mental health in the community. As a course coordinator at NSW Institute of Psychiatry her interest shifted to mental health of older persons and dementia care.

Lydia Senediak

BA (Hons), Dip Ed, MA (Childhood Studies), M Psychol (Clin)

Lydia is a Clinical Psychologist with over 35 years experience working in public and private mental health services, developmental disability, hospital, educational and community settings. She also has a background in policy development, service management, clinical skills training and supervision. Lydia employs evidence based interventions combining principles of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Systems Theory, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy and Narrative Therapy in her work. She is often called to consult and supervise complex and challenging clinical issues in both government and non- government organizations. 

Lydia provides the supervision training for School Counsellors at Clinical Supervision Services with the Master Class ‘Clinical Supervision of School Counsellors’.

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Jenny Shaw

BA, B Soc Work

Jenny Shaw holds a degree in Social Work and for the past 8 years has worked at the NSWIOP, (now HETI) Mental Health portfolio) providing mental health education and training. She has coordinated a number of projects across the child and adolescent specialisation, including developing training materials and online modules for staff. She is involved in developing and/or editing content for E-Learning training on CSS and Sydney Family Training Institute (SFTTI) website. She has had over 18 years’ clinical experience working with adolescents and their families and has been involved in teaching and supervision roles in health. 

Sam Vasta 

BA, B Soc Studies, M Arts (Counselling)

Sam Vasta has worked in public community mental health services for over thirty years as a senior clinician and Service Manager. He has a wealth of clinical experience and supervision practice in a range of service settings ranging from young people experiencing first episode psychosis to consumers facing the challenges of recovery in the context of persistent and enduring mental illness. As a Service Manager, Sam has supervised various practitioners and team leaders often involving complex clinical scenarios. He has experience and has taught on topics including cross cultural mental health practice, managing trauma from major critical incidents and ethical dilemmas in risk management. 

Sue Cairns

BA (Hons), Grad Dip Library and Information Sciences
Administrative Assistant responsible for student registrations, invoicing and general administration enquiries.
Part-time:  Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays

Liz Moore

BA, Postgrad Dip Editing and Publishing

Education Support Officer responsible for communications and course support.

Part time: Tuesdays, Fridays