Master Classes

This workshop has been developed for psychologists who specialise in assessment and neuropsychological services.  Neuropsychology is recognised as a distinct discipline of psychology and this workshop provides participants with a framework and practical guide to incorporate reflective practice into neuropsychology supervision based on developmental and competency models of practice.

Presenter: Dr. Nicola Gates

A selection of pre-readings will be provided prior to workshop.

Learning Outcomes:
By the end of the workshop participants will:

Have sound knowledge of the theory of reflective practice in neuropsychology supervision
Understand the principles of how reflectivity promotes independent thinking, improved clinician self-awareness and creativity
Be aware of the importance of reflective supervision for therapeutic intervention and neuropsychological feedback
Be able to apply reflective practice & model reflectivity to supervisees
Understand the challenges of working in the field of neuropsychology and apply this in supervision
Have an understanding of how to use journals/diaries in supervision that promote reflective practice within a neuropsychological framework

Course Content:
Morning Session Afternoon Session

Definition of reflective practice

Competency standards for neuropsychological supervision

Differences between reflective practice and traditional didactic neuropsychology supervision techniques

The role of reflectivity in neuropsychology supervision

Theory of reflective supervision

Application in practice (small group practice exercises)




How reflective practice improves neuropsychological feedback

Demonstration of reflective practice supervision: setting up supervision using these guidelines

Application to case review

Role play demonstration

Practice sessions






Active participation in small group discussion and role play activities in applying reflective practice in neuropsychology supervision vignettes.