Upcoming Master Classes

August 2021
PsyBA Master Class: Supervision of Supervision 16 August 2021 (Videoconference) - Mon Aug 16
This workshop provides a framework for supervisors to reflect, review and monitor their supervision practice. Supervisors attending this workshop will be provided with an opportunity to review and evaluate their supervision practice, and provide opportunities to discuss how they supervise, provide feedback and evaluate their practice of supervision.. ... more

November 2021
PsyBA Master Class: Systems Perspective in Supervision (15 Nov 2021) (Videoconference) - Mon Nov 15
This one-day interactive videoconference workshop is designed to facilitate experienced supervisors in the practice of systemic supervision. Participants will gain knowledge on theory and practice of systems models in assessment, formulation and treatment and learn how to integrate systemic thinking in clinical supervision.. ... more
PsyBA Master Class: Clinical Supervision in Adult Mental Health (29 Nov 2021) Videoconference - Mon Nov 29
This interactive videoconference MasterClass provides a framework for competency-based supervision for supervisees working with clients who present with complex mental health and comorbid presentations. . ... more