Hong Kong Division of Clinical Psychologists Train the Trainer Supervisor Training January 2019

28th February 2019
By Christine Senediak


In January 2019, Clinical Supervision Services was invited to work with the Division of Clinical Psychologists, Hong Kong to develop a Supervision Training program as part of the Accredited Register (AR) Scheme for Clinical Psychologists (CP). Initially, Christine Senediak provided a two day clinical supervision training program aligned to the Guideline for Accredited Clinical Supervisor (ACS) and Training Provider for ACS.  The 4 day training program was divided in two. For the first two days, 35 clinical psychologists attended this program to develop foundational skills in how to set up, manage and evaluate core clinical competencies of clinical psychologists. 

HK Class

Days 3 and 4 were a smaller group of 15 senior clinical psychologists who participated in a train the trainer Supervisor Skills training program.  These two days involved intensive skills training in being a Supervisor Trainer involving leading education sessions, demonstrating skills and leading small group practice sessions). Sam Vasta, who recently joined CSS as an accredited AHPRA Supervisor Trainer, also facilitated the small group practice sessions to ensure everyone who attended received specific feedback on their Supervisor training skills.  Both workshops were highly interactive with the participants learning effective clinical supervision practices aligned to the HKICP accredited supervisor policy and International Declaration on Core Competencies in Professional Psychology.  Apart from the four days of intensive training, the organising committee were gracious in their hospitality and enthusiasm.

group HK