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Jun 18

Systemic Family Assessment and Practice (Videoconference)

Date & Time
18 June 2020 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM

Effective family intervention can only occur when the clinician has conducted a thorough assessment. This involves using genograms in engagement and applying a structured assessment format involving exploring and understanding family patterns of functioning. This workshop will provide participants with a solid introduction in how to conduct an interview using genograms in assessment. It will also cover how to develop a sound case formulation plan and how to apply family focused interventions keeping in mind the complexity of a family’s context, transgenerational history, patterns of interaction and events. 

Participants will learn how to explore family patterns of both contributing and maintaining factors influencing the development and maintenance of problem behaviours and relationships. There will be opportunities to practice skills in using genograms in assessment, develop systemic hypotheses and case formulation to guide interventions. There will also be opportunities to review video examples of family assessments and treatment planning as well as opportunity to practice and use various assessment tools throughout the workshop. 

Workshop Content

  • Understand the process of assessment
  • How to use a family systemic lens when working with individuals and families
  • How to apply genograms in practice and understand the impact of transgenerational family interactional patterns 
  • Understand core systemic concepts related to genogram theory and practice
  • Understand and work with the family structure 
  • The influence of the family life cycle and working across family developmental ‘nodal points’ 
  • How to conduct an effective family assessment 
  • How to develop hypotheses and a clinical formulation to plan treatment 
  • How to assess the family’s patterns and functions, relational patterns and triangles and how this impacts on interpersonal relationships.


Christine Senediak 

About the Presenter:     
Christine Senediak is a Board Approved supervisor trainer with 35 years clinical experience and over 30 years experience as a supervisor and educator. She supervises widely providing individual, peer, group and organisational supervision to psychiatrists, psychologists and other health clinicians working in child, adolescent and family services, schools, adult mental health, drug health, gambling, sexual assault, cross cultural and trauma services. She divides her time between education, clinical work and supervision. Christine has trained as a systemic family therapist, which influences her approach to clinical supervision where the wider context is considered in understanding the development and maintenance of problems in clinical presentations. She employs a reflective practice approach to supervision enhancing self awareness of relational issues between therapist, client and systems. Christine incorporates elements of systemic, cognitive behavioural, mindfulness and person centered therapies in supervision and training. 

Date: 18th June 2020

Time: 1.30pm - 4.30pm

Mode of Delivery: Interactive videoconference

Fees: Standard: $150.00 (places strictly limited)

Videoconference link provided on registration

Clinical Supervision Services
Clinical Supervision Services (CSS) is an AHPRA approved organisation dedicated to providing excellence in training and clinical supervision.
Contact: Christine Senediak
M: 0478 548 594
E: info@clinicalsupervisionservices.com.au



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