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PsyBA Master Class: Facilitating Group Supervision and Reflective Practice 20 August 2024 (Videoconference)
Aug 20

PsyBA Master Class: Facilitating Group Supervision and Reflective Practice 20 August 2024 (Videoconference)

by Clinical Supervision Services
Date & Time
20 August 2024 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
(UTC+10:00) Australia/Sydney

Registrations Close
6 August 2024 9:00 AM


Facilitating Group Supervision and Reflective Practice

BOOK EARLY AND SAVE! Early Bird Fee applies until 9 July 2024

Master Class - Early Bird Fee: $395.00 AUD - payments received by 9 July 2024

Master Class - Standard Fee: $440.00 AUD - payments received from 10 July 2024

Please note the Terms and Conditions of enrolment prior to enrolling.


Facilitating Group Supervision and Reflective Practice

Delivered via interactive videoconference (Zoom platform). This workshop is a PsyBA approved one day Master Class which will provide participants who are already approved supervisors with ongoing AHPRA accreditation for 5 years. 

This workshop provides a framework for setting up, managing and evaluating competency-based supervision to enhance professional competencies for student placement, provisional and registrar programs. Skills covered include how to incorporate reflective exercises, case presentations, role plays, peer feedback and other structured learning tasks to facilitate active reflection and feedback in the group supervision session. Participants will have an opportunity to work in small groups, practising setting up supervision, determining learning goals and delivering and participating in a group supervision session. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss practical strategies to promote a reflective and structured framework for supervision aligned to the psychological professional competencies.



By the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge and skills in how to set up and deliver group supervision aligned to the developmental level of participants with consideration of core psychological professional competencies
  • Contract set and identify individual and group learning goals
  • Learn how to manage differences in group sessions and facilitate a reflective and reflexive learning space
  • Develop competence to apply safe role play in group supervision as a tool for learning
  • Develop skills for the application of reflective practice within the group session
  • Apply a competency framework within group supervision (assessment of skills and knowledge)
  • Provide a safe space for reflection on self-care of the professional
  • Troubleshoot specific issues as they might arise within a group context (e.g. personality, learning styles)
  • Manage group processes
  • Understand the facilitator’s role within the group supervision process
  • Engage practitioners in the group supervision process
  • Use a range of tools and resources to facilitate discussion and decision-making
  • Manage the group supervision process and diversity within the group.



  • Defining best practice competency-based supervision that promotes reflective and reflexive practice
  • Contract setting for group reflective practice: Strategies to enhance collaborative discussion and reflection
  • Learning contracts, learning tasks and learning styles in group supervision
  • The clinical case review in practice to enhance professional competencies review
  • Different models of group supervision: Closed groups; open groups; peer groups; (what are the differences and how to ensure that professional competencies are reviewed in practice)
  • Feedback and evaluation in group supervision
  • Creative resources to engage active learning: (e.g. use of visual tools, whiteboard work; figures).


PRESENTER: Christine Senediak

Christine Senediak is a Board Approved supervisor trainer with 40 years clinical experience and over 35 years experience as a supervisor and educator. She supervises widely providing individual, peer, group and organisational supervision to psychiatrists, psychologists and other health clinicians working in child, adolescent and family services, schools, adult mental health, drug health, gambling, sexual assault, cross cultural and trauma services. She divides her time between education, clinical work and supervision. Christine has trained as a systemic family therapist, which influences her approach to clinical supervision where the wider context is considered in understanding the development and maintenance of problems in clinical practice. She employs a reflective practice approach to supervision enhancing self awareness of relational issues between therapist, client and systems. Christine incorporates elements of systemic, cognitive behavioural, mindfulness and person centered therapies in supervision and training.



Participants are required to attend the full day and will receive a certificate of attendance for 7 hours of training in accordance with AHPRA Master class requirements. This workshop is interactive and allows ample time for practice and review of participant questions/clinical scenarios and case issues brought to the session. Further information on Board requirements regarding submission of certificate is available on the Psychology Board of Australia website.

Flyer: Group Supervision and Reflective Practice Master Class Flyer 2024 (PDF)



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