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This event has ended!
PsyBA Master Class: Systemic Supervision 22 February 2024 (Videoconference)
Feb 22

PsyBA Master Class: Systemic Supervision 22 February 2024 (Videoconference)

by Clinical Supervision Services
Registrations Closed
Date & Time
22 February 2024 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
(UTC+11:00) Australia/Sydney

Registrations Are Closed

Systemic Supervision: Methods, Approaches and Tools

BOOK EARLY AND SAVE! Early Bird rate - extended to 30 January 2024!

Master Class - Early Bird Fee: $395.00 AUD - payments received by 30 January 2024

Master Class - Standard Fee: $440.00 AUD - payments received from 31 January 2024

Please note the Terms and Conditions of enrolment prior to enrolling.


Systemic Supervision: Methods, Approaches and Tools

Delivered via interactive videoconference (Zoom platform). This workshop is a PsyBA approved one day Master Class which will provide participants who are already approved supervisors with ongoing AHPRA accreditation for 5 years. 

This one-day workshop is designed to facilitate experienced supervisors in the practice of systemic supervision. Participants will gain knowledge of theory and practice of systems models in assessment, formulation and treatment and learn how to integrate systemic thinking within a competency-based clinical supervision context.  The workshop will explore ways to stimulate supervisee’s personal and professional development through reflective tasks, exploring emotions and patterns in relationships, while considering the organisational context, relevant community links and relevant stakeholders.

Participants will learn how to use genograms and ecograms and apply culturally and contextually informed systemic principles in supervision. The workshop will look at placing relational factors at the heart of the supervisory context when reviewing therapeutic encounters.  This workshop is particularly relevant to those working in the child and adolescent mental health space where families often present with the young person and a systemic perspective is required in both assessment and intervention. Pre-reading resources are provided, including revision documents of competency-based supervision to ensure participants are familiar with the Board requirements.

By the end of the workshop participants will:

  • Have an understanding of systems theory and how this is applied both in the supervisory contexts and within a competency-based framework
  • Have awareness of the ‘self as therapist’ and its relationship to the professional and personal self as a way to enhance reflexive practice
  • Have an understanding of, and work more competently and confidently with parallel process in supervision
  • Understand how the systemic model helps supervisors to identify and manage emotions within a dialogical reflectivity context
  • Apply genograms and systems tasks in supervision to map out wider systems issues, including cultural considerations (language, ethnicity, race, immigration) and relevant diversity considerations
  • Understand clinical presentations systemically taking into consideration multiple stakeholders, relationships and the interplay of mentoring and monitoring tasks in supervision
  • Be able to apply a systemic lens to applying evidence-based intervention review in supervision when reviewing clinical presentations reflecting social and cultural diversity.



Component/workshop structure and activities:

  • Systemic theory and application to supervision
  • How to use genograms/ecograms and sociograms and work systemically in clinical practice and supervision
  • Applying a systemic lens to case presentations in supervision using evidence-based and appropriate cultural interventions
  • Live demonstration of systems practice in supervision
  • Small group practice of systemic approaches to supervision, incorporating reflective practice within a competency-based framework
  • Recognising and managing parallel process in supervision and applying reflective practice within a systemic framework
  • Small group activities and case discussions.


PRESENTER: Christine Senediak

Christine Senediak is a Board Approved supervisor trainer with 40 years clinical experience and over 35 years experience as a supervisor and educator. She supervises widely providing individual, peer, group and organisational supervision to psychiatrists, psychologists and other health clinicians working in child, adolescent and family services, schools, adult mental health, drug health, gambling, sexual assault, cross cultural and trauma services. She divides her time between education, clinical work and supervision. Christine has trained as a systemic family therapist, which influences her approach to clinical supervision where the wider context is considered in understanding the development and maintenance of problems in clinical practice. She employs a reflective practice approach to supervision enhancing self awareness of relational issues between therapist, client and systems. Christine incorporates elements of systemic, cognitive behavioural, mindfulness and person centered therapies in supervision and training.



Participants are required to attend the full day and will receive a certificate of attendance for 7 hours of training in accordance with AHPRA Master class requirements. This workshop is interactive and allows ample time for practice and review of participant questions/clinical scenarios and case issues brought to the session.  Further information on Board requirements regarding submission of certificate is available on the Psychology Board of Australia website.

Flyer: Systemic Supervision Master Class Flyer 2024 (PDF)


Event Type
Videoconference workshop

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