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 PsyBA Full Supervisor Training
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PsyBA Master Class: Supervision for Trauma Informed Practice (Distance Education)
Jun 1

PsyBA Master Class: Supervision for Trauma Informed Practice (Distance Education)

Start Date
1 June 2020 9:00 AM
End Date
2 June 2020 4:30 PM

This is an AHPRA approved Supervisor Master Class. Psychologists who are endorsed supervisors are eligible to enrol in the Master Class. By undertaking this workshop psychologists will be eligible to apply for ongoing accreditation as a Board approved supervisor for a period of 5 years. The study of neurobiology has made a significant impact in recent years on deepening knowledge about the effects of abuse related trauma.This workshop provides participants with an opportunity to critically examine the practice of competency based supervision across the different pathways within a trauma informed practice lens. 

Pre-reading resources are provided, including revision documents of competency based supervision to ensure participants are familiar with the Board requirements

Presenter: Christine Senediak

By the end of the workshop participants will:

  • An increased understanding of the complexity of working with clients people who have experienced relationally based complex trauma and the challenges for supervisees 
  • Insight into the personal, professional, organisational impact of trauma
  • Supervision strategies and processes to ensure that trauma informed practice remains at     the forefront of practice when working with clients who have experienced trauma
  • A framework/model of reflective practice in trauma-informed supervision management within a competency based framework

Workshop structure/content 

  • Goals, nature and function of supervision within  trauma-informed care
  • Setting up and implementing a reflective practice supervision framework within trauma- informed services 
  • Sensitivity to trauma in the supervisory context
  • Application of a competency based and reflective practice in psychological practice
  • Setting up and maintaining safe supervision 
  • Maintaining boundaries and sound ethical practice in supervision 
  • Self-care of the professional
  • Managing complex presentations, ethical issues and agency related challenges 
  • Balancing educational, support, and administrative roles in supervision 
  • Evaluation of the supervisory process and diversity (managing expectations and responsibilities; providing feedback in trauma-informed supervision)
  • Ensuring supervisors develop a solid skills and knowledge to manage the supervisory relationship (e.g. managing developmental stages of supervision; vicarious trauma, self-care, boundary setting)
  • Knowledge of supervision as it relates specifically to trauma-informed supervision theory and practice including ethical and professional practice in trauma-informed supervision 
  • Assessment of supervisee competency (application of therapeutic interventions in  trauma-informed practice.

Course Delivery: This Master Class is offered via distance as two x Teleconference sessions.
Session 1: Monday 1st June, 9.30-12.30pm
Session 2: Tuesday 2nd June, 1.30-4.30pm

Early Bird: $330 (ends 20.04.2020)
Standard: $375 (from 21.04.2020)

Clinical Supervision Services

Clinical Supervision Services (CSS) is an AHPRA approved organisation dedicated to providing excellence in training and clinical supervision.
Contact: Christine Senediak
M: 0478 548 594






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PsyBA Master Class
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