Level 1 Fundamentals of Clinical Supervision E-learning  Course  (35 CPD points)

– Allied health, nursing and welfare professionals 

This e-learning course consists of 7 self-paced modules including videos, reflective learning tasks, practical examples and demonstrations. The course is suitable for health and welfare professionals who currently or intend to provide clinical supervision.  The course aims to increase confidence and skills in setting up and the delivery and evaluation of supervision considering wider systems issues, the client and agency.


By the completing this course you will:

  • Have a sound knowledge of the role of clinical supervision when working as a health or welfare professional
  • Recognise the importance of supervision and the benefits for those who receive clinical supervision but also the benefits to clients
  • Be aware of the different models of supervision
  • Be introduced to the role of the initial supervisor meeting and defining the purpose of supervision with the supervisee.
  • Recognise the importance of a safe and supportive relationship that underpins a good supervisory experience
  • Have knowledge of contract setting in supervision and determining supervisee-learning needs
  • Be introduced to various techniques of best practice supervision as well as reflective practice
  • Understand the value of effective feedback and evaluation

Module 1: Introduction to Supervision

Module 2: Models of Clinical Supervision

Module 3: Preparing for Supervision

Module 4: Methods and Techniques

Module 5: Reflective Practice

Module 6: Ethical Issues

Module 7: Evaluation and feedback

Level 2 Assessment of Supervisor Competency Skills (10 CPD points)

For this assessment task on completion of the on-line component you are required to submit an audio or video recording of a supervision session.

A feedback assessment report will be provided once marked which can take up to 4 weeks. On successful completion you will receive your final certificate of Supervisor competency.


Prerequisite: Level 1 Fundamentals of Clinical Supervision E-Learning Course

On completion of the Level 1 Fundamentals of Clinical Supervision E-Learning Course students may choose to complete Level 2 Assessment of Supervisor Competency Skills

Satisfactory completion of Level 2 requires you to submit a recording of a supervision session, in addition to an accompanying written clinical reflection. 

This assessment can be an audio or video recording of at least 30-45 minutes duration. You are required to demonstrate supervision using a structured case presentation format and include learning goals for the session.  The session can be a simulated or actual supervision session.

After you have completed Level 1 training, you have 3 months to complete your Level 2 Assessment of Supervisor Competency Skills. Your Level 1 course must have been completed with Clinical Supervision Services in order to undertake Level 2 Assessment of Supervisor Competency Skills.

Submission Guidelines:

  1. De-identify any client/workplace details used for the review.
  2. Ensure you advise your employer and get written permission if required to undertake this task within your work context or use a client of the service.
  3. Ensure you have permission from your supervisee to show the supervision recording for assessment by a CSS assessor. 
  4. Advise the supervisee that the assessment task is a review of your supervisor skills (not the supervisee).

Goals of competency evaluation:

  1. Audio/Video Recording: 
    Demonstrate supervisor competencies including but not limited to:
    1. Ability to structure the supervision session and implement supervisory interventions (e.g. use of contract; case presentation format, establishing learning goals for the session; giving feedback
    2. Demonstrate awareness to diversity and cultural issues that arise in supervision
    3. Demonstrate professionalism and attention to ethical issues and assessment and management of risk and/or legal issues
    4. Manage the supervisory relationship
    5. Give appropriate feedback and evaluation 
    6. Reflective practice
  2. Written Reflection: 750–1000 words
    1. The accompanying written report provides an opportunity to reflect of what you have learnt and how you will put knowledge and skills in practice
    2. Include in your written reflection, the competencies achieved/demonstrated in the recording and areas where you could improve and how you might do this in the future.
  3. Feedback Report and Certificate: You will receive a feedback report on your practice as a supervisor. In this report your marker will use the criteria below to assess your supervisory skills.

Assessment Criteria: 

Supervision Video/Audio Demonstration: 30-45 minutes duration  

Please ensure sound is audible. If using a video recording, ensure the internet connection was stable during filming.

Video Content / Written reflective component

Demonstrates understanding of supervisory competencies, including: 

  1. Knowledge of and skills in effective supervision practices
  2. Knowledge of and ability to develop and manage the supervisory relationship
  3. Ability to assess the psychological competencies of the supervisee
  4. Capacity to evaluate the supervisory process
  5. Awareness of and attention to diversity
  6. Ability to address the legal and ethical considerations as relevant
  • Demonstrates analysis and reflection of the provision of supervision
  • Appropriate use of supervision questioning
  • Appropriate use of a clinical/workplace example/s and reflective practice.


Submitting your recording

Submit your Supervision recording via Dropbox and include link of video/audio file to the email: info@clinicalsupervisionservices.com.au

Guidelines on how to upload your submission via Dropbox can be download here DropBox Instructions (PDF)

Please also ensure you attach your written reflection at the same time as submitting the recording.

Once your assessment has been marked your recording is deleted from our system. Please ensure that you de-identify any personal details from your submission.

Assessment Report and Certificate

A feedback assessment report will be provided once marked which can take up to 4 weeks. On successful completion you will receive your final Certificate of Supervisor Competency (10 CPD - Continuing Professional Development hours).

Level 2 Assessment of Supervisor Competency Skills Guidelines (PDF)