Who is Eligible?


Before applying to become a Board-approved supervisor you will need to have held general registration for at least three years (or equivalent overseas registration or licensure). 

In order to be a principal supervisor of a psychologist in a registrar program you will need to hold an endorsement in the relevant area of practice and you will need to have held this endorsement (or equivalent overseas registration, licensure, or endorsement, as assessed by the Board) for at least two years.

You will not be granted BAS status unless the first requirement has been met. You will not be approved as a registrar program principal supervisor unless the second requirement has been met. 

You will need to apply to the Board if you already have BAS status and subsequently meet the second requirement (and you want to be a registrar program principal supervisor). 


The training offered by Clinical Supervision Services (CSS) has been specifically designed to meet the requirements for psychologists who wish to become supervisors of Higher Degree students, interns (+ 2 and + 1 pathways) and supervisors in the area of practice endorsement of clinical psychology.

The Full Training and Master Class options are available nationally to organisations by arrangement.