Customised Training

Customised Workplace Training in Clinical Supervision for Psychologists, Counsellors and Allied Health Professionals


Our expert trainers are avaible to deliver customised workplace supervisor training and master classes - customised for your staff, conducted in your workplace and designed to fit with your schedule.

Content of workshop, mode of delivery and workshop format are by negotation with individual organisations.


We have delivered hundreds of workshops to health professionals, in a wide range of topic areas.

Examples of some of our ready-to-deliver workshops include:


Supervision Training

Getting the Most out of Supervision (1-day course)

This one-day course introduces new supervisees to the principles of clinical supervision and ideas about how to get the most out of supervision. The course covers preparing for supervision and the principles and practices of effective supervision.

Competency Based Supervision Course (2-day course)

This popular two-day course provides new supervisors with fundamental skills in conducting clinical supervision. Participants will gain a thorough understanding of the principles and practice of effective clinical supervision, while exploring contemporary theories of competency based supervision and how to set up, manage and evaluate individual and group supervision using best practice standards and reflective practice.

Accredited Supervisor Course (3-day course) 

A three-day course for counsellors, psychologists, social workers and allied health professionals seeking to be credentialed as Accredited Supervisors with the Australian Counselling Association (ACA). Covers the fundamental knowledge, skills and tools for setting up, managing and evaluating best practice competency-based supervision.

Master Classes

Supervision of Supervision (1-day workshop)

For existing supervisors who have already undertaken supervision training and who are in a position to supervise others who provide supervision.  It will benefit both clinicians and team leaders/managers who wish to review and evaluate their supervision practice.

Reflective Practice in Supervision (1-day workshop)

The workshop provides supervisors with an understanding of how to apply reflective practice within a competency-based supervision model. Participants will develop meta-competencies for setting up, facilitating and evaluating supervisee reflectivity in practice.

Supervision for Trauma Informed Practice (1-day workshop)

This workshop provides an opportunity to critically examine the practice of competency based supervision within a trauma informed practice lens. Additional information is covered regarding the challenges of working within an environment of rapid change and stress and working with clients impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.


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