Clinical Supervision

CSS Directors Christine Senediak and Sam Vasta offer Clinical Supervision to individuals, groups and teams throughout the year. Offered both face to face and via Zoom.
We also offer Supervision of Supervision (SoS) small group sessions via videoconference. Visit our SoS Groups page

Christine Senediak

Christine Senediak, Director of Clinical Supervision Services (CSS), currently consults widely to a number of government and non-government agencies providing individual, team and group supervision. Christine has provided clinical supervision for over 35 years and in that time has developed a unique way of incorporating evidence based psychological practice including cognitive behaviour therapy, mindfulness and systemic family therapy approaches.  She places a strong emphasis on the self in therapy and working with the supervisee to set personal goals for professional development. Drawing on her wealth of experience and knowledge in psychological practice Christine offers supervision that is engaging, supervisee directed and geared to enhance self-reflection, self-awareness and the development of skills and knowledge. She currently provides supervision to individuals who work in cross cultural mental health, drug and alcohol, gambling, family support, mental health and child and adolescent mental health inpatient and outpatient settings. Supervision is tailored to meet the specific needs of the person or team. Supervision is offered individually, in groups or via Zoom.


Sam Vasta

Sam is an accredited PsyBA Supervisor Trainer and approved supervisor. He has worked extensively in the community mental health sector. He has worked as a frontline mental health clinician and in managerial roles for over 35 years where he has developed competencies in the dealing with the variety of mental health disorders. He has training in both Social Work and post graduate Masters (Counselling) Psychology. Sam has provided supervision to staff working in public mental health, private psychology practice and community-managed organisations who provide direct clinical services or have responsibilities as managers. He has also provided training in providing effective supervision to various organisations and practitioners. Sam has a background in providing systemic, narrative and cognitive psychotherapy-based supervision to practitioners, in addition to supporting team leaders/managers who work more broadly in their supervision of staff. He also has experience in both individual and group supervision face to face and via Zoom.


Fees and Professional Responsibility

Fees are guided by the National Schedule of recommended rates of the Australian Psychological Society. Supervision sessions are typically 60 minutes long for individual sessions and 1.5 - 2 hours for group sessions. Practitioners are required to abide by guidelines of ethical conduct as set by their relevant professional body.