Clinical Supervision


Christine currently consults widely to a number of government and non-government agencies providing individual, team and group supervision. She also provides individual supervision privately at her office in Parramatta.  Christine has provided clinical supervision for over 30 years and in that time has developed a unique way of incorporating evidence based psychological practice including cognitive behaviour therapy, mindfulness and systemic family therapy approaches.   She places a strong emphasis on the self in therapy and working with the supervisee to set personal goals for professional development. Drawing on her wealth of experience and knowledge in psychological practice Christine offers supervision that is engaging, supervisee directed and geared to enhance self-reflection, self-awareness and the development of skills and knowledge.  She currently provides supervision to individuals who work in cross cultural mental health, drug and alcohol, gambling, family support, mental health and child and adolescent mental health inpatient and outpatient settings. Supervision is tailored to meet the specific needs of the person or team. Supervision is offered individually, in groups or via Skype.

CONSULTATION and mentoring sessions:

It is not uncommon in today’s busy lifestyle to find oneself caught up in work demands necessitating full attention to the task at hand without much time to stop and reflect on process. For many moving between activities, such as seeing clients, paperwork, attending meetings and managing other day-to-day activities leaves little time for reflection.  Many health care professionals find themselves trying to keep pace with a myriad of tasks only to find themselves at the end of the day, week or month not stopping to reflect on their practice.

Consultation sessions allows for a ‘tune up’ and opportunity to re-boot and re-energize and think about process issues and reflect on future planning. A consultation session will leave you feeling more energized and thinking clearly about your personal and work goals.  Consultation sessions provide a reflective space to think about influencing systemic factors. This can help to identify possible areas for future change in the workplace.

The theoretical model used for these sessions draws from eclectic models of practice based on the facilitator’s own training, professional development, clinical and supervisory experience. Incorporated into the model are aspects of systemic models of therapy including family of origin; person centred questioning cognitive behavioural approaches and mindfulness approaches.  

 Who is it for?

This session is designed for professionals keen to engage in reflective thinking and discussion considering the ‘self within their system’ and with the goal to work towards positive change.  The session would benefit anyone wishing to maximise their potential and who is curious to consider alternative ways of thinking and working.

Session length:

Typically sessions are scheduled for 1 - 1 ½ hours.  Sessions are structured as stand-alone however follow up sessions can be arranged.